Dec. 14, 2020

"Don't Let The Word 'Realistic' Stop You" ft. Jevon Alexander | Producer/Rapper


On episode 16, Ponyboy Pol has a creative conversation with his pal, Jevon Alexander.
Jevon is an up-and-coming artist/producer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. From making freestyle beats for friends at the age of 12 to producing his own songs, Jevon prides himself on creating good vibes that you can ride out to with his unique sound of R&B and Hip Hop.

In this episode, Jevon talks about how he ended up on the NBA 2K21 Soundtrack with his single "Mamba Mentality", why he moved to Atlanta with only $36 to his name, the meaning behind his debut album "Balance", and why he named his first EP "Chasing Failure".