Pol and Pals

Pol and Pals is a podcast where I, Ponyboy Pol, interview my creative Pals who are creating the life they want to live. My goal is to inspire others (but mostly myself) to start/continue creating content.

GET INSPIRED TO CREATE the life YOU want to live by tuning in to hear my Pals share the behind-the-scenes of their lives.

New episode every other Monday.

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"Never Be Afraid To Ask" ft. Kinsey Grant | Co-Founder/Host of Thinking Is Cool

July 13, 2021

On episode 27, I have a #CreativeConversation with my pal, Kinsey Grant , Co-Founder/Host of Thinki…

"Strive for WELLNESS, not FITNESS" ft. Stacey Ervin Jr. | Wellness Coach/Elite Athlete

June 28, 2021

On episode 26, I have a #CreativeConversation with my pal, Stacey Ervin Jr. , a wellness coach, eli…

"Don't Compare. Be Aware." ft. Antwaun Stanley | Singer/Songwriter

May 31, 2021

On episode 25, I have a #CreativeConversation with my pal, Antwaun Stanley , a singer/songwriter fr…

"The Power of Patience and Flexibility" ft. Donovan Colquitt | Founder of The Scholar's Key

May 17, 2021

RECORDED LIVE: MAY. 13TH, 2021 On episode 24, I have a #CreativeConversation with my pal, Donovan C…

"Find The Core of Who You Are" ft. Cindy Okereke | Founder of Essence of Cin

May 3, 2021

RECORDED LIVE: APR. 29TH, 2021 On episode 23, Ponyboy Pol has a #CreativeConversation with his pal,…

"Just Go Do It" ft. Andy Stout | Founder of Explore Adventure Lab

April 19, 2021

RECORDED LIVE: APR. 15TH, 2021 On episode 22, Ponyboy Pol has a #CreativeConversation with his pal,…